10 Creative Ideas for a Family Easter Egg Hunt

Apr 16, 2014

Color-coded egg hunt — Assign each egg hunter a different color to fill their basket during the Easter egg hunt. This is great for participants of various ages and keeps the older kids from collecting all the eggs.

Flashlight egg hunt — Move the big hunt to Easter eve and break out the flashlights. Paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint or fill plastic eggs with glow in the dark sticks for even more fun.

Golden egg contest — Choose a golden egg from the decorated eggs and then use it in the egg hunt as a valued find.

Super secret message eggs — Hide a little message in each egg. It is just like a fortune cookie… only with eggs.

Easter egg checklist — Create a checklist: 3 yellow eggs, 2 blue eggs, 5 orange, etc. Each egg seeker tries to finish his checklist before returning for a prize.

Easter egg discovery boxes — Use plastic Easter eggs as discovery boxes filled with all sorts of goodies for your kids.

Hide eggs in unexpected places — A Greek Easter bread is the perfect way to hide colored eggs where kids won't expect them.

Coded message hidden in eggs — When you add all the coded messages in these eggs, you will have the clues for a coded message.

The Great Egg Race — The Great Egg Race held post-hunt can create a fun family competition filled with giggles.

Follow the clues — Open one egg to find a clue that leads to the next...and so on.

SOURCE: www.spoonful.com

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