2013 — the year of the raindrop

By Preston Jacobsen | Dec 28, 2013

2013 will go down as the wettest year on record for many locations including Asheville, where records go back all the way to 1869.

The current amount of 74.35 inches has shattered the old record of 64.91 inches set back in 1973.

Locally, the Mountain Research Station off Raccoon Road is 23.22 inches above normal as a normal year picks up 48.7 inches and to date we have seen 71.92 inches of rain with over 162 days of rain this year (44 percent of the year).

Going from Haywood to Macon county and checking out Highlands, we see that over 100 inches of rain has fallen with 105.95 inches collected to date.

Even though all of these figures are quite impressive, they still pale in comparison to the 129.60 inches recorded back in 1960 in Rosman, which is currently the state record for the most rainfall in one calendar year.

With all of the rain this year we also have experienced the coolest summer in recent memory with July barely allowing the sun to shine.

Some locations in July racked up over 20” of rain and most of the region experienced 12-plus inches for the month. Highlands, saw rain fall 24 out of 31 days in July and this picture is similar across the rest of southwest North Carolina.
This excessive rainfall led to a somewhat dull color season this fall, however the length of the season was extended due to the rain and many local merchants welcomed the longer than normal season.

This fall also was the driest period of the year, with October recording the least amount of rain compared to the other 12 months of the year.

Overall, this year has certainly been one for the record books but all in all we came out ok with a small amount of flooding events compared to the amount of rain we have experienced.


Preston Jacobsen owns Local Yokel Weather based in Cullowhee.

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