2014 Super Bowl Party must-haves

By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Jan 29, 2014

If you are throwing your own Super Bowl party this year, there are several things that you must have.

- A big screen TV — Sorry if it sounds a little snobby, but the Super Bowl just isn’t the same on a small TV. If you can’t make it to the game, a hi-def 50-inch with surround sound is the way to go.

- Coolers, buckets or small tubs to keep drinks cold because the fridge will be full of your Super Bowl food.

- Plenty of ice.

- Beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Tell your guests to BYOB so you don’t have to worry about finding something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. It’s much cheaper than getting a keg that may or not be finished off.

- Bottle openers — these things are notorious for disappearing so have a few on standby. I hear there is even an opener with a digital counter so you (or your wife) can keep up with how many you’ve had.

- Plenty of seating close to the TV

- Disposable plates, cups and cutlery will save you from a sink full of dishes to tend to after the game.

- Delicious food — I know people that have Super Bowl parties just so they can plan and execute a fantastic Super Bowl feast. Pick a theme or just make a variety of new appetizer recipes. Staples include homemade salsa and cheese dip, chicken wings and a football cake.

- I’m not supporting betting on the game, but coming up with a fun bet without money keeps it interesting – especially if you have friends supporting both teams. For example, if the Seahawks lose, the Seattle fans have to mow your grass all summer while wearing a Broncos uniform.

- Have other entertainment available if the game isn’t as exciting as it should be. Foosball, table hockey, Wii bowling, etc.