28th Annual Smoky Mountain Nine Ball Shoot Out

Arts & Entertainment
Maggie Valley Festival Grounds
3422 Soco Road, Maggie Valley

Enter the tournament or come cheer on your local pool hall players!

Rules of Engagement:
The cue ball must strike the lowest numbered ball first for a legal hit to occur. After the lowest ball is struck first, either the cue ball or any numbered ball may hit the 9-ball into any pocket for the win. If the shooting player pockets the lowest numbered ball or any other numbered ball after a legal hit, the shooting player continues his/her inning. If no ball is pocketed, either the cue ball or any numbered ball must touch a rail after the cue ball contacts the lowest numbered ball for the shot to be legal.

Call 828-743-5173 for more information.

* Visit NC Smokies is not an official host, we just enjoy keeping you in the know about the best events in Haywood County! *