2nd Graders at Riverbend Elementary Meet Lucy

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation | Feb 05, 2013
Photo by: Donated Katie Ray and Lucy with some of Ms. Leatherwood's 2nd grade class from Riverbend Elementary School.

This past holiday season, Eileen Leatherwood’s second grade class at Riverbend Elementary decided that instead of having a gift exchange, they wanted to raise money to help a local cause. Sarge’s Animal Rescue was the lucky recipient of their donation, and to say thanks, Katie Ray visited their classroom with her Sarge foster dog, Lucy, a five-month-old Redbone Coonhound.

During her visit, Lucy was the perfect ambassador for foster dogs everywhere. She showed the children what a great pet she would make, letting them all pet her, all at once! She waited patiently as pictures were taken, and she seemed right at home with all the attention.

While she was there, Lucy also showed the children her true coonhound nature. At one point, she spotted a picture of a raccoon stuck to a bulletin board across the room. She let out a low growl, and as everyone followed her gaze, they immediately saw that her eyes were fixed on the raccoon. With great delight, they walked Lucy over to the picture where she barked at it until it was finally taken down.

The children asked questions about how Sarge’s works to save animals in Haywood County. Ray, who has provided a foster home for Sarge dogs for more than four years, explained how the whole process works, with a particular focus on the rewards of fostering animals until they find permanent homes. The children also talked with Ray about specific ways they could help the cause to reduce the number of unwanted pets ending up in the shelter each year.

A local family adopted Lucy just three days before Christmas. Donations like the one from Mrs. Leatherwood’s class are what make the work of Sarge’s Animal Rescue possible and insure more happy endings for the homeless animals of Haywood County.



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