A bed and breakfast — for horses

Oct 02, 2012

On a recent Saturday night the phone rang at STAR Ranch.

Haywood County animal control was calling to see if two wandering horses could stay there until the owners were found.

“Of course,” said Karen Owens, President.  “If you can bring them here, a spot is waiting.”  Two residents who live on Worley Cove loaded both horses into their personal trailer and brought them to STAR about 7 p.m.

Animal control officials explained that early that day, about 8 a.m. Saturday morning, a couple drove around the curve and ‘bam! There they were!”  Concerned for the safety of the horses and the safety of drivers on that road, this horse friendly couple called animal control.

They were surprised to learn that Haywood County had no place to put horses.  After hours of asking surrounding homes who might know this pair of strolling horses, the decision was made to bring them to STAR Ranch under the free roaming livestock law.

“The young mare and older gelding were obviously bonded,” said Karen as they munched hay together in one stall.  By Sunday afternoon, the owner had been found and a happy reunion followed.

“STAR Ranch is now adding Bed & Breakfast to its title,” said Karen. “These two had quite an outing. They had safe overnight accommodations and a good hay breakfast.”