A daily snapshot

By Caroline Klapper | Nov 07, 2012
Photo by: Caroline Klapper Day 1: Something beginning with "C." I used a photo of me.

What you ate for breakfast. A color. A favorite thing. The sky.

Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been participating in a Photo a Day Challenge posted on a blog out of Australia I enjoy called Fat Mum Slim. Every month the author of this blog posts a list with a prompt for each day and challenges participants to post a photo (onto Facebook, Twitter or some other social media outlet) on the topic every day for the entire month.

Easy, right? Well maybe not.

It’s not that the subjects are difficult. Today, for example, is Day 7, and the prompt is “reflection.” This can be your reflection in a mirror, the reflection from a puddle of water, the reflection off of someone’s sunglasses. It really doesn’t matter.

But what this challenge does that is so interesting (to me anyway) is it makes you take a second look at your life. Not really in some deeply profound way, but in a way that has you looking around your little corner of the world for things that are beautiful, unique, fun or special.

Something utterly mundane, like Day 26 this month, “in the cupboard,” takes on a little creativity as I try to imagine what about the things in my cupboard might interest anyone else. Or maybe I don’t want the world to know I’ve stockpiled some Halloween candy away when it went on sale last week, and I’ll focus on my dishes instead of my junk food supply (the shame, the shame!).

Regardless of the topic or what photo I decide to take, the reason I love this idea is that literally taking snapshots of our everyday lives is a good way to remember to live them. We shouldn’t need a reminder, but it’s a good thing to have around anyway.