A Discussion on Shamanic Wisdom

Arts & Entertainment
City Lights Bookstore
3 East Jackson St. Sylva, NC 28779
City Lights Bookstore
(828) 586-9499
Jan 19, 2013
3:00 PM

Local author and renowned creator of Shamanic Breathwork, Linda Star Wolf will visit City Lights Bookstore on Saturday, January 19th at 3 p.m.  She will share shamanic wisdom and a mini-journey to connect with creature teachers from her two newest books, Spirit of the Wolf and Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm & Spider.  Wolf teaches the quality of love, loyalty, protection, companionship, deep knowledge of the inner self and embracing all of creation as our true family.   Linda Star Wolf has been a visionary teacher and shamanic guide to thousands of people over the last 35 years.  A spiritual granddaughter of the Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother, Twylah Nitsch, Star Wolf teaches people how to awaken to the bigger picture, embody their own inner Visionary Shaman and step into a life of passionate purpose.