A happy ending at STAR Ranch: Pete, loved back to health

Aug 19, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Pete is success story number 59 at STAR Ranch, a horse rescue located in Waynesville.

The little black stallion was a mess. His former owner found out how badly Pete was being treated in his new home and took him back — but not before the damage was done.

Pete, a stallion, had been kept isolated in a dirt lot. He was now 6 years old and looked 30. STAR Ranch Horse Rescue of Waynesville picked him up one night after the call came that the former owners were walking Pete off of the Reservation down to the public road. Pete walked right into the trailer and never looked back.

The next day Pete went to the vet. As suspected, he was not well enough for the gelding surgery. He needed to pack on some weight and build up his immune system. He was invited to graze at the Davis’ farm where he received three small meals a day, limited grazing and a soft stall. The extra care provided by the Davis family surely helped him survive. STAR Ranch volunteers took turns walking Pete for 30 minutes of grazing time to start his "no founder" regime.

After several weeks, Pete was ready for surgery, and he recovered well in the Davis’ care. The STAR Ranch volunteers all fell in love with the gallant little stallion-turned-gelding. Pete was visibly happy, running to greet his fence mates on each side of his pasture. Every day a ranch volunteer walked with Pete, fed him a meal, cleaned his stall, brushed his new coat and loved him back to health. He is success story number 59.

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