"A Rash of Stories": A Dramatization of Works by Ron Rash

Arts & Entertainment
Canton Branch Library
11 Pennsylvania Avenue, Canton, NC 28716
(828) 648-2924
Sep 10, 2013
5:30 PM

Actress Barbara Bates Smith will preview "A Rash of Stories," a dramatization of works by author Ron Rash, on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 5:30 p.m. at Canton Branch Library. A sampler of three stories from the collections "Nothing Gold Can Stay," "Burning Bright," and "The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth" will be presented as works-in-progress, inviting audience feedback. A teaser segment from "Pemberton's Bride" (in the "Chemistry and Other Stories" collection) —which is a portion of the novel Serena—will also be included. Refreshments, graciously provided by the Friends of the Library, will be served. For more information, visit www.barbarabatessmith.com or call the library at (828) 648-2924.