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A weekend for the art lovers

By Shelby Harrell | Oct 19, 2016
Photo by: Donated photo The LEAF festival at Lake Eden in Black Mountain kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 20 and lasts through Sunday, Oct. 23.

I’ll tell ya, there’s just something wonderful about fall. For me, a lot of it has to do with being able to wear my favorite kinds of clothes — boots and scarves and sweaters, and then on the other hand, there’s pumpkin flavored everything, delicious apple treats and the perfect excuse to start making chili and cocoa when it’s cold out. I’ll admit, I’ve done all of these things already.

Another reason why fall is the best begins with a big H — for Halloween! It’s always so much fun to watch scary movies, carve pumpkins (or glam them out with rhinestones as I hope to do!) and to dress up as something creepy. Last weekend I got some wonderful costume inspiration while watching Asheville Community Theater’s production of Sweeney Todd — which is perhaps my favorite musical of all time.

The show was dark and ghoulish as it told the tale of the Demon Barber, and yet it was captivating and gave me goose bumps while the singers hit every note with near perfection. The set was very impressive and captured the Victorian era with all the things you’d expect during a Sweeney Todd production. It was a wonderful night out, and a perfect creepy tale to enjoy this October. The show runs through Oct. 30, so don’t miss out.

But this weekend, I’m absorbing the art scene from all over all over. This Thursday, there is the Open Door’s fourth annual Music Jam, which features Mountain Faith this year. The jam takes place at 7 p.m. on Oct. 20 in the Haywood Community College auditorium. Tickets are $10 and benefit the Open Door. See more on page 10.

I’m also excited that the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands is returning to the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville for its fall event. It lasts from Oct. 20-23. This year marks 69 years of bringing Appalachia’s finest craftspeople together. The fair always offers a grand display of artisans and their work in contemporary and traditional crafts — and which gives me the perfect excuse to grab my camera and get out and take photos of such awesome and unique work. Tickets cost $8. Read more on page 8.

Finally, this week also kicks off the annual LEAF festival, which takes place from Oct. 20-23 at Lake Eden in Black Mountain. The theme this fall is “A Carnival of Wonder,” which promises to ignite your imagination and offer a family adventure with unforgettable performances. Tickets can be purchased online at www.theleaf.org. See more on page 9.

This time of year, there’s plenty going on and this weekend offers a plethora of artistic options. Plus, the leaves are peaking with bursts of color, so be sure to get out and do something fun this weekend. Whether it’s music, fine crafts or the amazing outdoors — you can’t choose wrong!