Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie review

By Max Maier | Jul 16, 2012

Ok, I'll get the obvious out of the way, what is this? All jest aside, this is a bizzare concept. A former president, the man who freed the slaves, killed a ton of vampires to secure our union. Wow, history buffs must have flipped when they announced this movie. However, the scary part is how well they adapted vampires into Lincoln's past.

They handled Lincoln's past very well, they even managed to include the vampire slaying in a manner that doesn't make the concept too unbelieveable, other than the obvious. The beginnings of the hunting happened all before he started getting involved in politics, once that happened, the slaying took a back seat until later in Lincoln's life.

These early years expose him to vampires and him learning how to kill them. These years are very interesting to watch, because Lincoln wasn't perfect, he didn't get the hang of it right away. After awhile though, he obviously gets the hang of it, and his trusty axe spills plenty of vampire blood. Really quick, his axe is a great weapon, I loved it. Its tip was aligned with silver so he could kill vampires with one swing, and I must give the actor who played Lincoln credit, he handled that axe like a pro.

That's another strong point of this movie, the main actor. The kid they get to play Lincoln does a great job. He is not a big star by any means, yet he does a great job portraying this historical figure, he even looks like him.

Now I must admit, later in the movie when the head vampire talked about helping the south win the war so they could take over the country was where it got a little too far-fetched. I actually looked at it as an insult to the Confederacy's memory. They came cowering to these vampires for help and promised to give them anything. Two things, first, how did they know that they were vampires and that they would help them? Also, doesn't that seem a little insulting? However with all of the things that could have been messed up with this story, this is passable.

The action is very good. The scenes of vampire slaying goodness are a thrill to watch and don't take themselves too seriously. The allies Lincoln makes along the way are also very good, but lincoln is obviously the best slayer they have.

If you are looking for a good action film, this is a very good choice. The story lines up quite nicely with Lincoln's history, and anybody who knows basic American history will likely shed a tear at the film's ending. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a good movie and I would reccommend seeing it. In a summer of superheroes and talking animals, it's nice to see a former president kick some undead butt.

I give Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter a 4 out of 5.

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