Adopt the love of your life at the shelter — be a real Valentine

Feb 12, 2013

For the sake of love, adoption fees have been lowered to make your pet love even easier to find.

Just drop by the Haywood County Animal Shelter at 245 Hemlock St. in Waynesville between Thursday, Feb. 14 through Sunday, Feb. 17.

Adoption fees are reduced for this event: $60 for dogs; and for $27.50 for male cats and $37.50 for female cats. The good people from Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation are subsidizing the reduction in price for this event.

Below is an excerpt from a letter from a happy pet owner, Jennifer Summerlin, who came all the way from Catawba County to adopt Ruby (now Molly) from the Haywood shelter.

“Mr. Goodson at the shelter was phenomenal; I am not sure who is responsible for that shelter, but I was so impressed I could not believe it.  It is the nicest (not new but nice) and the cleanest I have ever seen…I had even “warned” the children before we went in that county shelters are usually a dark, dirty and stinky place for the animals and that this is why we want to save them from such a horrible place without going into details about “kill shelters”….this place was so clean and the people were so nice the kids did not think it was bad at all.  Now to my point, Haywood County animal shelter and the Sarge folks impressed the heck out of me today.  The dogs and cats are so lucky to have y’all – God bless you all for taking care of these animals….animals in other counties and states are not so lucky…I know, as I have been in a few shelters over the years and my heart can hardly take it at most places.”


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