Affordable Care Act

By Joe Vescovi | Oct 17, 2013

I feel the Affordable Care Act is a good thing, but the continued roll-out with the required on-line application was/is a disaster.  I tried to help my friend fill out the application so she could see the different plans offered and have an idea of any subsidy.  I must have answered a verification question wrong because it then denied her application until she could verify  her identity.  I uploaded, as they asked, a copy of her NC drivers license as well as her passport.  After waiting almost a week, her profile still says "identity verification pending".  I went to the live chat who could not answer how long it should take, so gave me the number of the government hot line.  They told me that Experian (sp?) does the verification.  I called them who said they do not get the uploaded information and that Health and Human Services does the verification.  I contacted them who said I need to contact the NC insurance.  I contacted them who said they have nothing to do with the site.  So, as it stands now she still can not even find out what her options are.


It is obvious why people have already become discouraged and have quit trying to get on the site, if they can, as well as get any answers.   They should fire the company that developed the site, start new with the information for the different plans for NC being able to see, a calculator to give an approximate subsidy available.  Then when the person decides on a plan they can fill out their application to get the insurance.