Affordable Care Act

By Joe Vescovi | Mar 14, 2014

I read with interest "Shelbys Shennanigans" in Friday's paper.  I think the GOP has done a great job of calling The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, "Obamacare".  Even Shelby called it Obamacare. The Act gave her and millions of other people the opportunity to purchase affordable health care that had before the Act been out of reach for them.  She is one that took the responsibility to check into her options.  By labeling it Obamacare I feel many who oppose Obama automatically is against  the Act without even looking into the benefits available to them.  Yes, there are some who were detrimentally impacted but let us not do away with a program that will help millions. I would hope after over 50 votes to repeal the Act have failed in the House, they would finally work with the other party to improve the Act so no one loses an insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements of coverage.