Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 4 review

By Max Maier | Oct 18, 2013

So far, the storylines for these episodes have been pretty similar. A problem shows up, our group has to overcome a problem within the group, and take down the villain, Coulson is awesome. That's your breakdown so far, does episode 4 break the mold? No.


The episode opens up with several men in red masks, carrying briefcases, boarding various subway trains. A lone woman takes them down and steals the diamonds in one of the briefcases. Coulson and the gang discover that the culprit is one of Coulson's old S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. Coulson knows something is up, and someone else is behind this matter. Our heroes try to figure out a way to take down and save the agent and stop her next objective.

The synopsis may seem a little lacking, but that is because there wasn't as much going on this week as in previous episodes. There were plenty of details to fill in the events, but that's all that went on. Also, several things didn't get fleshed out. The men in red masks? never mentioned or seen again. The identity of who controlled the rogue agent? Never revealed. WHERE IS HOODED HERO?! We don't see him again. Seriously, where is he? He could be such a good portion of this show, and he is nowhere to be seen. Also, the structure I described in my opening paragraph is wearing a tiny bit thin. It's not bad, but it is rusting a little bit, as in I'd like to see more shake ups and surprises, like episode 3.

Let's get to the good stuff though, like Coulson. I don't think Clark Gregg could ever give a bad job as Coulson. He can play serious, witty, nerdy and hysterical. He is a great character, and without him, I think the show would be much, much worse. The rest of the crew is still doing well. I think Fitz and Simmons are now just stuck as the nerdy scientists, and it's for the best. Skye is still enjoyable, and Ward was hysterical with his bravado/comedy this week. He was great.

On the other side of the spectrum, May was an idiot this week. An idiot compared to how she has been built up so far. It makes absolutely no sense that she would make a mistake like this, and then her change of heart feels so phony. It was a rather shocking display for this character, who I've come to enjoy. Also, a nitpick, we need another "agent" on this team. Somebody who can kick butt and be enjoyable as well, just another solid character, then I think we would have a solid roster. I wish Maria Hill could do more, but I understand her obligation to How I Met Your Mother. Because that show is Legen....wait....dary.

Also, a little bit more action please? The fight between May and the rogue agent was great, but that was it.

Overall, we have a weaker episode, but it is still not bad by any stretch. These characters are still fun, the action is intense, and the writing is solid. I think we need to just see some more recurring characters, HOODED... sorry. Also, the plots should try to deviate a bit from the structured rut we are starting to see. Other than that, we still have a fun show.

I give Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. episode 4 a non-hooded 3 out of 5