Alcohol training offered

Apr 10, 2013

Western North Carolina Teen Institute and Prevention Services staff (WNCTIPS), a department of Mountain Projects, are teaming up with local Substance Abuse Coalitions and Teen Institute student groups to highlight alcohol awareness issues throughout the seven western counties.

Student groups are doing a variety of activities, including storefront scans to count the number of alcohol and tobacco ads often placed at eye level for kids, a “sticker shock" activity in several retail outlets to remind patrons that it is illegal to purchase or provide alcohol for minors, asking local officials for a proclamation declaring the week before prom Alcohol Awareness Week and having displays at health fairs.

Teen Institute student groups have designed recently placed billboards highlighting a negative lifestyle choice issue they are working to address in their community.  These include underage drinking, distracted driving, spit tobacco use, prescription drug abuse and bullying.

Area  coalitions and Teen Institute student groups are asking for support in providing a positive, low-risk prom and graduation experience for everyone in your community.

As a support to merchants selling alcohol, WNCTIPS staff will be hosting a Responsible Alcohol Sellers/Servers Program. This program has been shown to help sellers and servers reduce the sale of alcohol to minors.  The program has been scheduled from 9 to 11 a.m. April 23,meeting room of the Jackson County Recreation Center.  This free training is open to anyone in the surrounding area.

Know the law

In North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone under 21 to attempt to purchase, possess alcoholic beverages or to consume any alcoholic beverage.  It is illegal for any person under or over the age of 21 to help someone under 21 to purchase or get alcoholic beverages. Additionally, if an adult leaves your party having had too much to drink and has an accident, you could face a civil law suit for damages up to $500,000. If they are minors, there may be additional charges.

Any holder of an alcohol permit will want to protect they right to do business by always checking ID’s to prevent sales to minors.