Allowing Freedom and Mobility in the Comfort of a Lift Chair

By Mountaineer Complete Care | Jul 21, 2014
Golden Lift CHairs
As we age, mobility issues such as getting up and out of the chair are key components to staying mobile and active around the house. To manage other elementary tasks such as being able to answer the door, go to the bathroom unassisted or prepare a meal independently may be hard due to discomfort or lack of muscle strength needed for standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Therefore, a motorized power lift chair can be an affordable, and a beneficial mobility alternative aid to seniors. A lift chair can also be beneficial to anyone with arthritic joints or other medical issues that prohibit the ability to rise and sit freely out of a chair. When a lift chair provides the benefit of gently raising or lowering you to a comfortable position, significantly less pain is experienced and the everyday tasks of life are attainable.

Golden Technologie's Lift chairs offer all the comfort of a conventional recliner with one major distinction; they provide a durable electric motor that operates the chair. A well designed lift chair looks specifically like a traditional recliner, with the exception of a hand-held controller that operates the functions of the chair. The main function of the remote is to have total control of the motor as to gently lift the occupant and the chair to a desired point, seated to standing.

Therefore,once the person is safe and secure in the chair, the remote is used to make personal comfortable adjustments to the chair. The power operated lift chairs can achieve all suitable positions of any standard recliner. However, some models of lift chairs feature separate footrest mechanism adjustments coupled with independent seat and back adjustments, that allow personal preference readjustments.

In short, lift chairs are a simple and affordable accessory that can help seniors with mobility issues remain safe and comfortable as they age gracefully in their own home.

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Jodie Wood/General Manager

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