An Update!

By Savannah Swanner | Jun 27, 2012

It is now only 2 1/2 weeks before I fly off.  Monday I got all my shots (five in total).  I have applied for global insurance.  My packing list is started.  My nursing boards are done.  Everything is coming together, thank you God!  I have had several people ask if there's anything the orphanage needs that could be donated.  At this time, the orphanage is running low on children's medicines.  Any kind such as fever reducers, cough, pain, anti-histamines, or other medications are needed.  The age range at the orphanage is 4-18 years old with most kids being somewhere in the middle.  I will carry over any medicines donated when I go.  You many give the medicines to me or drop them off at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville in downtown Waynesville.  Thank you for following me on this blessed journey!

"Your thoughts are higher than mine

Your words are deeper than mine

Your love is stronger than mine

This is no sacrifice, here's my life"

--song by Jason Upton

As I listen to music as I begin writing this update, this song comes on -- oh, how it rings true!  Never could I have thought up the generosity I have been blessed with to support this mission.  My words cannot describe the overwhelming peace I have experienced by following God on this journey.  Although my heart already longs to wrap my arms around my Tanzanian family and share the love God has shown me, my soul bursts with the fact that my Lord loves these children and staff more than I ever could.  This life to follow Jesus is definitely not a sacrifice but instead an overwhelming gift!  Thank you for your prayers; they are felt! Thank you for your donations; they are graciously received! Thank you for your excited and encouraging words; they are so uplifting!