Angel House Kiddos

By Savannah Swanner | Jul 11, 2012

Starting from the first night I visited Angel House and continuing everyday afterwards, each time I step onto the property children run out of the house screaming “welcome, welcome” and jump into my arms, squeeze my legs, and smile huge white smiles.  Who could ever ask for a better welcome!  There are 54 kids and teenagers at Angel House who without this amazing work of the Lord would have no physical place to support them, love them, and encourage them.

Anna, Angel House’s supervisor and basically the mother to all the children, is an amazing woman of God.  The look the kids give her says everything.  They respect her, listen to her, and most of all love her.  Her prayers and patience seem to be endless, and I cannot wait to get to know her better.

The kids love to play this game called “sock ball.” The overall point is to hit the person in the middle with a ball made from socks before they can pick up all the sticks.  It gets pretty serious and the kids can throw the ball much better than I can.  Hopefully, I’ll learn how to be more competitive soon.   Today (Thursday) the kids were all piled on the couches watching a movie on a small computer screen.  Like most kids in America, when a movie is going everything else and everyone else is zoned out, full attention is given to the movie.

Many of the kids at Angel House have family elsewhere but their families could not support them, so Angel House wrapped their arms around them.  Unlike in the United States, there are no backup nets to catch the kids that need food or schooling.  There is no DSS or free school lunches.  If these children did not have Angel House, then the likelihood of them going to school is almost zero.  If these children did not have Angel House, then the likelihood of them having three meals a day is almost zero.  These children are beautiful, vibrant, laughing, playing, and dreaming kids with aspirations to become lawyers, nurses, preachers, tour guides, geologist, engineers, and pilots.  They are simply beautiful!  I am thankful God has placed me here and I pray my eyes are opened and my ears are cleared to hear what He has to say to me.

Two special prayer requests are for Anna (the Supervisor) and Joseph (the Director).  Anna is having severe pain in her lower back.  The doctors have told her it is her intervertebral disk that is pinching her muscles, causing pain in her back and hip.  Prayers for healing and guidance are needed.  Joseph’s hand is swollen over his wedding ring finger joint.  The doctors gave him medicine, but they do not seem to be helping.  Prayers for healing and guidance are also needed for Joseph.  Two amazing people, who serve the Lord faithfully and with their whole hearts!