Angry Gorilla Tattoo sets up shop in Waynesville

Apr 14, 2014
Photo by: Donated NEW TATTOO SHOP — Angry Gorilla Tattoo is located at 734 N. Main St. in Waynesville.

Angry Gorilla Tattoo has set up shop at 734 N. Main St. in Waynesville. Owned and operated by Aaron Rogers, the shop is open from 10 a.m. to midnight Monday to Thursday, and 10 to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. The shop is closed on Sunday.

Angry Gorilla Tattoo is a tattoo shop that serves individuals ages 18 and older. The shop specializes in custom tattoo pieces and flash art. Customers can bring in their own custom pieces or chose from over 100,000 pre-made images.

Rogers grew up in Haywood County. After traveling the world and experiencing tattoo culture in other places, he’s opened his doors in Waynesville.

“[Tattoo culture] intrigued me,” said Rogers. “I wanted to bring my artwork to life and I thought, what better way than to put my work on living people?  It’s a rush when you’re sitting in that chair, feeling the vibration of the machine in your hand and your customers are excited from beginning to end.”

Rogers has big-city plans for his small-town shop.

“I wanted to open up a tattoo shop that has a mixture of me and my travels,” said Rogers. “We are in a small town, but my shop is designed like a shop you would see in a big city.”

Rogers is certified in blood borne pathogen training, CPR and first aid.

For more information, call 803-206-8813, visit, or email