Animal Talk

By Sharon Baldwin | Aug 18, 2012
Booky, one of my old friends

How bout a bit of a chat over coffee this morning? If you’re anything like me you need a big mug to wash the “night fuzzies” away before you’re at least half-way coherent enough to start your day. I’m one up; I’ve had mine!


How many of you talk with your critters? I’ll bet most of you do if the truth be known. And, how many answers do you hear from your four-legged-furry-friends? Sometimes the answers really do come from our special companions, and other times we get what I call a “knowing.” We have such a close connection with our animals they don’t need to say anything specific because we just “know” what they want or need. On some occasions that closeness can’t quite convey their requests. They’ll actually tell us if we’re open to receive their message through thoughts. We’ll hear them in a “real” voice or they’ll show us in pictures. There’s nothing psychic about transferring thoughts from one being to another using telepathy. This is a God given ability. I was introduced to telepathy in the early 80’s. I had a special horse that had a problem that couldn’t be corrected through conventional methods, and a friend suggested I use an animal communicator. My life and that of my horse changed dramatically when I realized animals do have the ability to talk, and we can have two-way conversations, although not quite the way humans talk with each other on a daily basis. They do think, they do remember, and they are remarkably in-tune with their bodies. Through trial and error I learned to “talk with the animals” and through these many years I have engaged all kinds of animals in telepathic conversations.


I am not a veterinarian, and I am not a trainer. I try to help resolve issues by working with animals and their people to reach acceptable solutions to behavioral and medical issues that have so far eluded conventional methods. I make no guarantees on the outcome of these conversations.


Next week over coffee I’ll tell you a story about one of the animals I’ve worked with in the past. Hmmm?? How about the goat that wanted to ride in the golf cart? See ya then!