Applications accepted for event funding

Jan 22, 2014


The 28751 1% subcommittee is accepting funding applications for tourism projects that will be completed prior to June 30, 2014.

Completed applications can be turned in at the Maggie Valley Town Hall.  Deadline for submitting applications is 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 5.

For application information go to and click on grants info for 2013-2014 or contact Lynn Collins, 452-0152 at the TDA office.

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Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jan 24, 2014 00:14

Wow.  The TDA collects 4% from all local area hotels and rental properties.  This is fairly heavy-handed for local businesses:


Failing to register, file & pay the occupancy tax will result in penalties, which mirror NC sales & use tax as stated in General Statute 105-236, including:
•In case of failure to file any return on the date it is due, a penalty equal to 5% of the amount of tax will be assessed if the failure is for not more than one month, with additional 5% for each additional month, or fraction thereof, during which the failure continues, not exceeding 25% in the aggregate, or $5.00, whichever is greater.
•In the case of failure to pay any tax when due, a penalty equal to 10% of the tax will be assessed, except the penalty shall in no event be less than $5.00.
•Any person who willfully fails to pay the tax, make the return, keep records or supply required information shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
•Further, any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat a tax or its payment, shall be guilty of a Class H felony.
•The County Finance Officer may direct that the financial records of accommodations be audited.


Looking at the TDA 2013 spending of the collection of those taxes from local hotels and rental properties, it looks like a significant amount of money is spent on salaries and employment related benefits.  Now I understand the request for asking to tax local hotels and rental properties another $495,000/year. 


Here's an open request: Let's look carefully and critically when the TDA says they need more money.  Local hotels and rental properties might not need to pay more taxes.  Local hotels and motels I think have the ability to run their own Facebooks, Twitter, and Youtube things that the TDA does.  I'm not sure government needs to take funds from local hotels to do that for them.  Heck, this newspaper itself (in my opinion) does all the great marketing that local towns need with its own Facebook and "The Guide" -- no government taxes taken from local businesses required!





Posted by: Allen Alsbrooks | Jan 24, 2014 00:38

It gets better.... Let anyone try to get funding for a project that may actually entice people to visit our beautiful valley they wet all over themselves and hide.

Their new "Big John" campaign is highly offensive and I can not believe the money they wasted on that hot mess.

All their lip service to "heritage" yet they continue to ignore one aspect of our heritage that is captivating Americans ... Moonshining. Mention it to them and their eyes roll back in their heads, their lips purse and they levitate.

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