April 17 reader letters

Apr 16, 2013

Christians are the salt of the earth

To the editor:

This is in response a piece on the April 8 opinion page.

This is not an attack on the author, however, his comments were offensive and repulsive to me as a Christian. As a matter of fact, they were outright blasphemous.

Psalm 53:1a declares, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Regardless of what was written in the article, the Word of God is true and will stand forever according to Matthew 24:35.

Contrary to the writer’s beliefs, there is a God in heaven and there is a trinity.

The Scripture states in 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

To say that some of our founding fathers were Gnostic would be correct. Sadly, while many had a God-conscience about them, many possessed Unitarian views.

The piece insinuated that only the uneducated and misinformed would pay any attention to the Gospel, which is simply not true. To say that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ girlfriend-wife is a falsehood.

Luke 8:2 explains who she was. It was said that the disciples wrote nothing themselves that contributed to the Word of God, which is another false statement. Matthew wrote a gospel, John wrote a gospel, three epistles, and the Book of Revelation and Peter wrote two epistles.

It is evident that this type of viewpoint shows how people’s beliefs reflect an ignorance of the Word of God. Romans 1:22 states, “Professing themselves wise, they became fools.”

The piece was erroneous, idiotic, and shallow; it describes the wickedness of men’s heart today which is a travesty. As Christians, we are the salt of the earth. When salt becomes no good it is trodden under foot of men. Let us therefore not become a placemat for such vain philosophies that vile men possess.

James Robertson


Public notice law is necessary

To the editor:

According to the news lately (Mountaineer, April 15, 2013), Rep. Jim Davis doesn’t think newspaper notice of government actions need to be promulgated. His take is that money can be saved by forcing the public to look up information on the local government web sites.

What an ignorant proposal!  It might save some money up front, but in the process, it would hasten the demise of the newspaper business, and force the counties to choose jamming their web sites or increasing their electronic capabilities to handle the greater load.

Are the counties then to be required to supply computers, plus training, to every citizen?  That’s even more money down the drain.  Either/or is not the way to go, as many seniors choose not to move into the electronic age … unless your goal is to marginalize them and keep them in the dark.

The idea is to inform the public. If Davis wants to destroy the Republican Party’s clout in this area, he sure knows how to get it done.

David A. Williams



Hospital experience was outstanding

To the editor:

On Thursday, April 11, my wife had cataract surgery at MedWest-Haywood. What an unexpected and pleasant experience this was.

First my wife was treated with the utmost respect by a courteous and professional staff, starting with the admission process through discharge.

Second, the anesthesiologist stopped by her cubicle to introduce himself. Then the ophthalmologist stopped by her cubicle to visit and asked her if she would like for him to offer a short prayer.

The surgery went fine and she was back in her cubicle in less than 30 minutes. Here she was offered something to eat and drink, and then escorted out to our car.

Later that afternoon a nurse from the hospital called to ask how she was doing. Then the next day, Friday, a nurse from the hospital called to ask how she was doing. Then on Sunday the ophthalmologist called to inquire as to how she was doing.

I was extremely impressed by their concern and all the follow up calls. I am totally convinced other hospitals would not have shown this degree of customer service. I, too, have been an outpatient many times at this hospital and cannot say enough good about my treatment.

To those Haywood County residents that have any doubt about the quality, care, concern and professionalism of MedWest-Haywood hospital, I sincerely ask that you reconsider.

Please realize how fortunate we are to have this caliber of hospital in Haywood County. Please support our hospital.

Ron Rookstool

Maggie Valley



Thanks for the investment in youth

To the editor:

Maggie Valley Nursing & Rehab recently participated as a community partner, with Eckerd Corporation and others, for the Dr. Ann R. Wilke Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser that was held on March 23, at the Haywood County Fairgrounds.

This benefit was set in place to provide financial education and career training assistance to young adults of Haywood County who have survived the challenges of drug dependency issues within their immediate family environment.

This community wide effort hopes to support those who have the desire and ability to succeed but need the financial help to get on their way.

We would like to thank all who participated for their donations of food and merchandise for the benefit.

We appreciate their donation and investment in our deserving Haywood County young adults who hope to achieve their personal goals and career success.

Kimberly Turner Mathis

Marketing/admissions  director

Maggie Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation



Forgive the ignorant

To the editor:

There are many well-educated and intelligent people in the world who recognize that the whole Bible is the truth.

Sometimes there will come along a person who wants to disclaim the word of God.

We must forgive the ignorant people of the world. For them, there is hope. For the stupid, there is none.

Rita Smathers Waynesville