April 4 letters

Apr 02, 2013

Tax is ill-conceived

To the editor:

I have been running a vacation rental property in Haywood County for 24 years.  Once again, I wish to express my extreme dissension on the proposed 2 percent occupancy tax increase.

Some of the people involved just don’t/won’t listen.  Others are simply misinformed or uninformed.   It isn’t the wording or what to do with the money or who gets how much or who has the biggest stick.  And no matter how hard the brain dead politicos spin this stuff, the people concerned do not want it. A tax increase, of any kind, is a tourism killer.  How many more businesses must go out of business?  How many more indications of people who do not come and will not come to Haywood County do we need?  As a famous, well-quoted strategist has said “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Enough spin.  In my opinion, this touristic suicide should be killed dead.  Barring that, the only reasonable way to proceed is with a referendum vote.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s supposed to be what the people want.  That is, the majority of the people.

Thomas Koziol

Maggie Valley


Armory event is wonderful

To the editor: 

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at a couple of “Pickin’ in the Armory” events in Canton recently. Between 200 and 300 Haywood County citizens gather every second and fourth Friday nights, 7:00-10:00 p.m., for a festival of music and dance that is free and open to the public. As an added bonus, a group of community-minded volunteers sell hot dogs and sodas to support the Canton Senior Center, which has suffered a severe loss of funding due to budget cuts emanating from Raleigh.

Some come to dance, some to enjoy the music and clogging, some to visit with friends, and some to help out the Senior Center. A friendly, “feel-good” community spirit pervades the hall. Folks laugh and joke with one another. Folks of all ages venture onto the floor to try out their legs on both slow and fast numbers. New friendships are formed among people who would not normally meet in other circumstances.

The town of Canton is performing a great service to our Haywood County citizens by making this community music and dance opportunity available during the winter and spring months, up through the month of May. A hearty “thank you” to Canton. Here’s hoping others will come out and join the fun.

Doug Wingeier


Thanks, MedWest-Haywood

To the editor:

The love story began the moment we arrived at MedWest Outpatient Surgery. The staff was friendly, welcoming and efficient.

No one relishes the idea of anesthesia and surgery; however, the experience for me could not have been better.

Everything transpired exactly as it had been explained to me by the supremely professional operating room personnel.  I was put at ease and felt only confidence in everyone involved in my care. They know how to treat patients!  Thank you all.

The hero in the love story is Dr. Mina.  I can’t say enough about him so will simply say, Thank You!

With the arrival of Janie Sinacore-Jaberg, the ongoing story of MedWest is headed for a happy ending.  We all know health care is, at best, a thorny issue.  I, for one, have confidence she will make our hospital shine once more.   My husband and I met her at a recent focus group and liked her immediately.  If you have questions or concerns about your hospital, call her. She’ll listen.

Sarah Sherman



Enjoyed column

To the editor:

Hopefully, all of our citizens, who subscribe to The Mountaineer, and those who don’t, have had the opportunity to read Vicki Hyatt’s writing concerning her dad.

As I write this letter, once again, I truly grasp the realization that mere words cannot express the feelings and emotions within us.

However, based upon my perception of her message through the written word, which has delved deeply into my mind and heart, the interpretation of her message strengthens my belief that God and family continue to be the greatest union within creation.

Hopefully, all families, friends and people “anywhere” will forever know and believe this.

Vicki, truly, I thank you for your meaningful writing!

David Wright

Lake Junaluska


Heed constitution, not law

To the editor:

The people of Haywood, including the farcical Republican Party,  need to hang their collective heads in shame,for allowing 160 plus Democrats to appoint the highest “elected” public official in the county. The socialists in both parties, educated in the Public Fool System, apparently have never read Article 7 Section 2 of The North Carolina Constitution, which mandates that the sheriff shall be elected.

The State Constitution does not grant a provision for the statutory appointment of this powerful constitutional office. The State Constitution is the supreme law of the state and all copy written, privatized, puny little Statutes, belonging to the North Carollina Bar must be in comportment with said constitution.

I would ask how many of the individuals on the executive committee, operating under the bogus Statute 162-5-1, had any fundamental understanding of the nature of the elected office of the sheriff? Said committee, played party politics with the citizens of Haywood, throwing their own Larry Bryson to the wolves, (a man who served in the sheriff’s office for 27 years) in favor of a man, who, his entire career operated in a jurisdiction repugnant to the common law jurisdiction of the sheriff.

The office of the sheriff is an elected office, created by the state Constitution, therefore, the sheriff is a civil servant and a peace officer, as opposed to a law enforcement officer, who is a mere municipal security guard, enforcing statutory law, which only applies to governmental employees, corporations and trusts.

Long ago, the imposter American people choose to allow themselves to be ruled under privatized Roman civil law, called statutes, rather than the superior common law. Forrest Gump correct again, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

Art Patten



To the editor:

The head of the church is God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Bible was written by men with a relationship with God. The Holy Spirit guided their words. Relationship with God is the goal so that we can read God’s word with understanding.

The denominations have now gone to the world. They gave their pulpits over to the demands of men but God does not change His word or bow down to the behaviors of the day. The Bible is not to be read to form opinions about it; it is to be read as a road map to understanding God.

Satan and his followers are the enemy of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God says do not mate with the same sex (Jude 1:7 Romans 1:26-27 ) Satan wants the opposite. God says celebrate and protect your children.

Satan says murder your children through abortion. Satan is the accuser and Jesus is our advocate. Satan brings confusion and God brings clarity. Satan and his followers feed off societies until they have destroyed everything, while God offers life and liberty through Christ now and for always.

When the Bible speaks about the people that are marked by Satan on the forehead and hand that refers to the mind of a person and the hand refers to the work to help Satan.

When God seals a person’s mind; that is a person who will not be deceived by Satan, the beast or the Antichrist in this day or any other day. You are right about the evil of today, what the people are not telling their children to protect them has left them vulnerable to every predatory being there is.

Society has a self-induced insanity. God created nature and everything now is the opposite of nature. Because the adults are useless now; the enemy of Christ goes after our children through videos, music, and false teachings about their sexuality. Satan leaves them unstable, manipulated, and they are used to feed the insatiable creatures. They are indoctrinated to now become the army against God.



Susan Ann Greenelsh