Arrivederci Christy

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Oct 10, 2016
Photo by: Beth Brown Photography

It’s that time. The time you always know is coming, yet hate that it is here. Christy McLean is retiring.

Christy let us know last year that it was time to step back, spend more time with her husband, Ray, and her family and to travel and enjoy what comes next.

Christy joined Dr. Hammett in 2006 and has been both a witness and often a motivation for change in many things. Through expansion, growth, remodeling and much more, Christy has been a big part of it. It’s now time for her family and we wish her all the best.

Dr. Hammett says, “Christy has been my right hand woman, helping to guide our animal hospital and has worked tirelessly to steer us to excellence in client and patient service while keeping the business side of the practice healthy. I will miss her and so appreciate what she has done in these years for me, the animal hospital, and for our staff and clients.”

Danielle (Dani) Treadway is being promoted to become the new Hospital Manager. Dani has worked her way from being a veterinary assistant, to Registered Veterinary Technician, and has most recently been the Client and Patient Services Supervisor.

Take time to send Christy a note or give her a call to let her know how much you are going to miss her smiling face and all she brings to us.