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Feb 13, 2013

N.C. House Bill 4 proposes cutting unemployment benefits by one-third, meaning people could only qualify for up to $350 a week for up to 20 weeks. Can someone live off $350 a month?

“Freeze the representatives assets and see if they can live on 350 a week. I am college educated and employed. And this is among the most ignorant proposals I have ever heard.” — Rachele Poole

“$350 a week is more than zero- that's $1400 a month. It's called a budget.” — Shea Layman


“Even on a budget, $1400 doesn't go a long way - and we talking about people who could have lost a well paying job where they were bringing home $2400 a month - who probably have a car payment on top of the basic bills. Rent or owning around here is $600 to $800. Heating bills run around $150 then add a car payment ($350) and gas ($80) to look for a job and continue to drive where the family needs to go. That is around $1,200. Oh I forgot water, personal care items, public school extra cost of $5 here and $2 there. There isn't much left and if you don't qualify for food stamps then add food. Oh then there are the extras that we all take for granted - phone & tv.” — Wende Michelle Goode


“I could live on 1400 a mouth I live on less.” — 
Rachel Lee Edmonds Trull


“So they are wanting to cut benefits. Is that to cover the raise they got when they took office. That was real classy. Before even cutting benefits it would have been nice to say there are thousands of jobs coming to NC But no we did not here that. You want to balance budgets put people back to work with good paying jobs. The people of the state benefit and so does the state. Job creation is the ticket. People are hurting and this is just another slap in the face.” — Timmy Messer


“Try living on nothing and get back to me.” — Tina Adams


“I work 40 hours a week and make less than that!
” — Cathy Watson



“Think ima get unemployed for 20 weeks!” — Denese Ledford McTaggart


“It's called a budget!! Some people with actual jobs make less than that working full time, and they manage to make ends meet. There are jobs out there- be flexible- get one. — Bonny Fox


“It's only $326/week in SC. I lost my job and had to live off that for nearly a year. You have to scrimp and stretch everything. You turn off the cable, cut out all extras and immediately contact all the people you owe money to get temporary lower payments. Most will work with you if you communicate with them before you start getting behind. You sell anything you can do without. Dropped medical insurance for me and my wife but worked with doctors to get samples and there are programs the drug companies have to help out. You use your savings sparingly and charge cards even less. It's a struggle but it CAN be done! It is supposed to be a stopgap measure, not keep your family up in a high cotton! State should worry about your bills for stuff you could barely afford when you were working! I made a lot more before losing my job and had to take a much lower paying job because it is hard to live on unemployment which is the point. If someone makes 3 times that in unemployment it is not easy to find a job to replace that and a lot of people just quit looking until it runs out.”
 — Charles O. Green


“That isn’t That Bad! There Are People Living Off $600 a month With Disability so IT CAN BE DONE!!!
” — Sarah Mills


“The max you can draw in TN is $260.00. It is very had to live on that.” —  JoAnn Quesenberry


“$350 a week is $1400 a month! My husband works full time and only brings home $1900. If you can't live off of that, you're living over your means.” — Judith Gallagher Howell


“My wife and I are self employed. If our business fails, we have no such thing as unemployment. We flip burgers, we wait tables, we do whatever it takes to survive. We are so tired of hearing how hard people on unemployment have it.” — Robert Mitchell


“$350 x %16 taxes that's 294$ week... $1176 month. And the way the system is now your unemployment is based of what you have made over your last 3 months of pay. If that 350$ was after taxes then it could be done. Still its our money that we have paid in to the system to protect ourselves in those situation, it should not be up to the state to decide how much they should allow you to have back. They tale it out of our checks and tax it... then they tax it again when you receive unemployment.. it sounds to me like the Ines in Raleigh should learn how to budget!!!” — Jack Stanford


“OMG no we could not live on that. My husband’s work is never secure and he has to draw unemployment at times. We would loose every thing we have!” — Juanita Clemmons Cayer


“My family of FIVE lives off less then that a month ... its called living with in your mean and budgeting learning what you need and what you do not need some can do it some can not its being grateful and making the best of what you have
.” — Laura Lanning


“Well I bet you don't live off of that without food stamps or some help Medicaid or something no one could that is $1400 a month a house payment averages $700-$900 per month that would leave $700 a month for electric, water, cable, internet, phone, what about a car payment, clothing basic necessities and then not to mention FOOD!!! I am not even talking about living it up GESH!!! There is no way any one could really "make" it on that they would survive MAYBE!! People better wake up and take back control of this country!!!! Why should we have to scrape by as much taxes as we pay in?” — Juanita Clemmons Cayer


“Oh but yes we do live off that its our total monthly income some people can do it some can not and i have a house payment and utilities and a few other odd and end payments believe what you want my family just does not live beyond there mean and to be honest I have seen families live off less then that but I have been homeless a few times in my life and when you go threw that you learn right then what you need and what you do not
.” — Laura Lanning

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