Assessments By Yount
66 Walnut Street
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 828-246-9886

Providing Professional Behavioral Health Care for 39 years!

Mr. Cecil Yount, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and Certified Clnical Supervisor, offers the local community a wide range of professional behavioral health care services on an outpatient level. Mr. Yount, a native of Haywood County, is well known in his professional field of addictions treatment. Yount brings his 39 years of experience in family therapy and addictions to the citizens of Haywood County.

Yount is on the panels of numerous insurance companies including Blue Cross-Blue Shield of N.C., Magellan, Medcost, and Coventry. Working closely with the local medical community and businesses, Assessments By Yount provides timely services in individual and family therapies. Specialized assessments and consultations are also available including workshops on topics in addictions.

Services are by appointment only. Yount may be contacted at 828-296-9886 or by visiting assessmentsbyyount on the Internet. The FAX number is 828-348-5538 and the email address is

The Road To Recovery

One of the rites of spring for many Americans is the annual fascination with the Road to the Final Four — college basketball’s drama that leads to the ultimate goal of being crowned champion for one lucky team. It occurs to me that the Road to Recovery shares many traits with the road to the ...
Some thinking about drinking...

The holidays are behind us now and the courts will soon be processing those folks, who were arrested for DWI. Maybe you avoided a DWI but have other “costs” such as behavior that embarrassed you or your loved ones at the office party or at a friend’s party. Maybe you said something while ...
'Tis the Season of Spirits

We are now well into the holiday season of 2013. Spirits of the liquid variety are flowing more than usual and that means an increased likelihood of being involved in a Driving While Impaired situation whether as perpetrator or victim. Business owners where alcohol is served are typically well ...

“But it was prescribed” is an increasingly common lament I hear in my work as an independent assessor for individuals charged with Driving While Impaired. Much attention has recently been in the media about prescription pill abuse with several truly tragic stories being at the forefront of our ...

In the best of all worlds, we find, by design or happenstance, that person who fulfills our life and makes our hearts soar with happiness. Sometimes, it happens quickly and other unions come over time. However we get there, we go into the relationship with certain expectations of the future and ...