Aug. 14 letters

Aug 13, 2013

Clothes To Kids article was well done

To the editor:

Thank you so very much for the outstanding article on Clothes To Kids written by Megan Northcote.

During my career I had many interviews taken for articles in the papers, but I do not remember one  so well  done in taking many comments  and making them into  an  article so easy to read and understand.

You got our message and hope in front of the people of Haywood County and it is truly appreciated.

You add to the wonderful support we continue to receive from the area.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us and seeing that the paper presented  our story.

Payton Adams

Lake Junaluska


Haywood is the best

To the editor: This is in response to your column “Haywood County is a place that just feels safe.”

We are so fortunate to live in a place that indeed is a safe place to live. I know we do have problems just as other areas, but Haywood County in general is safe, friendly and beautiful.

As a native of this county who has raised a family  and owns a business, I have had numorous occasions to experience the exact things you have seen that gives  you  the sense that we do have a wonderful place to live.

My dad traveled all over the United States in his job until he came home permentaly in 1968 to establish our family business.

He experienced many people and many places throughout the U.S.

He always told me he had traveled many places and been all over and we lived in the best place. He called Haywood County God’s country.

Thank you for your column. I’m proud to be a Haywood County citizen. I want to thank all of our people for truly making this a great place to live and raise our families.

Michael T Sorrells

Haywood County Commissioner


Gratitude column was fitting

To the editor:

I loved your column on gratitude.  I, too, feel blessed to be living here.  Of course, there are drawbacks.

I have no clue why the people in my world are so afraid that they feel the need to carry a concealed weapon everywhere.

And the recent revision of the North Carolina concealed carry law just passed, has expanded their ability to carry concealed firearms almost anywhere.  I just want to hide somewhere safe.

Personal experience has taught me that fools and guns trigger deaths and accidents and most of us are fools some of the time.

Therefore, I have no confidence that those who choose to carry concealed weapons will refrain from drinking in a pub or restaurant or an angry fool won’t begin shooting when his/her cheating spouse is standing at the check-out counter of a shop I’m in.

What’s to stop an angry soccer mom bent on revenge because her daughter is being bullied from pulling her legally concealed gun and shoot the offenders at the local playground?  Nothing!

If she shoots the bullies maybe she’ll be prosecuted for that act and be punished. That’s presuming she can’t convince a jury that the bullying was a threat to her existence.

I guess my imagination is more active than members of the NC state legislature.

What is clearly risky to me does not seem to faze them.  Perhaps they are all packing already and have no fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But I do and I ask the retail merchants, restaurateurs, pub owners, school boards, boards of aldermen and commissioners and other operators of publicly used facilities to find a way to make me less fearful of patronizing their facilities.

Intimate self-knowledge tells me that the first report of a concealed carry incident in a business or public facility will find me shopping for groceries and everything on line.

In the meantime, I will be looking for those no-handgun signs everywhere.

Penny Wallace


Donations helped

To the editor:

This is just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful coverage for Clothes to Kids in Megan’s lifestyle full-page article with the colors of our shop no less.

We’ve received so many positive responses, donations and offers to volunteers and are so grateful you gave us this platform to get our word out.

Many thanks again.

Lois Beery

Clothes to Kids of Haywood County

President should have stayed out of court case

To the editor:

The President of the United States certainly has an unenviable job description, including major decision, administrative duties, foreign policy, and much more.

Our president is a very intelligent man. So, why should he spend his valuable time and our precious tax dollars involving himself in a local judicial case where an honest jury made a tough decision after proper deliberation?

While we feel deeply for any family to lose a child, the issue of race should never have been considered here.

For the President to lament, “it could have been me years ago” is sickening at best.

How many murders sadly occur each year with hardly a mention in the media?

Could it be that the present administration and the liberal media want to distract Americans from other “little” issues such as the spiraling debt, failure of our foreign policy, joblessness, and the catastrophe that is coming when Obama Care takes effect?

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s words: “Let’s vote for this so we can see what’s in it.” That’s the way to govern.

Kerry Cogburn