Author presents workshop — 'Write what you don't know'

Jun 06, 2014
Photo by: Donated photo Donna Glee Williams

Join local fantasy author of "The Braided Path," Donna Glee Williams, for a celebration of the ways your writing can open the door into uncharted territory.

Williams has made her home in the hills of North Carolina since 1994. Since coming back to the mountains, she has earned her daily bread by leading seminars on all kinds of things.

In the past, she has done such varied jobs as turnabout crew on a schooner, as a librarian, as an environmental activist, as a registered nurse, as a teacher and a long stint as a professional student (resulting in an MFA in creative writing and a PhD in English from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge).

In this workshop being held at the Haywood County Public Library in Waynesville, she will share tips and techniques (and maybe just a drop or two of theory) for inviting your subconscious mind, with all its wisdom, depth, and freshness, into your creative process.

Writing prompts will get the class started and sharing with an encouraging band of fellow explorers will keep us going. This workshop requires no previous creative writing experience, only a willingness to try new things and share thoughts and memories with a supportive community of fellow writers.

“Write What You Don’t Know” will be held at 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 12 at the Waynesville Library. Class size is limited so sign up is required. We will be enjoying potluck lunch together but drinks will be provided. Contact Kathy for more information or to sign up at 356-2507.