Back at WCU

By Max Maier | Sep 07, 2012

Now yes, I've been back for a couple weeks now, so some might view this blog as a little late. In reality, you can't really get a feel of everything until you are a couple of weeks in. That's when it all sinks in, and dear God what a mixed bag it is.

First off, my living accomidations have changed drastically. Last year I was in Blue Ridge hall, an honors college type dorm that was  fancy and had big rooms. It was great, it was at a fantastic location on campus and the accomidations were perfect. My only complaint was the people in the dorm. The people there were not quite as friendly all the time. I won't stereotype here, but the honors kids I ran into were snotty, not all of them, but majority. It didn't feel like a dorm, it felt like a hotel. Which I was fine with, with the exception of my girlfriend and close friends, I dont socialize. Not that I don't like people, it's just who I am.

This year, I am living in the newly rennovated Harrill Hall. I question the rennovation aspect because there are some things that weren't fixed or were made worsh-ish. The rooms are still small, like frickin' closets. My half of the room is half the size of the half a room I had last year. So that is tough to adapt to. WCU has also replaced the pipes with more eco-friendly green pipes. These pipes had a bust and flooded my bathroom 5 days after move in. So obviously, I'm not a fan of the pipes. The location is also towards the back end of campus, so walking to classes is also another pain in the butt. Or in my case, pain in the back. So it is really hard sometimes on my body. Worst part, the cell signal at the building. Verizon users (me), don't get anything up there unless u are hanging out a window or on the 6th-9th floors. It is a constant frustration and really degrades my opinion of the building.

On the positive side, My girlfriend is living in the same building. That is great and is making things easier for us with less walking. I am also rooming with my friends in a suite, while I still don't like the idea of roomates, having friends as roomates this year makes it easier. So overall, I'm not a fan of the building, but the people there make it liveable.

Now how is the education going? Welllllllll, I've never been one who is excited about learning. I do my work, always go to class and am a good student, but there is no passion. I won't have that till I get a career with my major. So being a non-fan of learning, I don't like my classes. Some are an actual pain, or I just don't care about it. That sounds horrible, I know, but I'm being honest. I owe my readers that. I will always be a good student though, that won't change.

Overall, yes, I am glad to be back at WCU. I'm getting more experience being on my own, I'm around my girlfriend and friends more and I'm doing what I like. The classes remind me though that I will be much happier after I've graduated.

I apoligize for the overall negative tone of this story, I'm not getting too much sleep and I'm not quite happy with the amount of work I have right now hahaha. But I promise my blogs will be more positive, and you will be seeing more relevant movie reviews. Thanks for reading!