Batman Hush comic book review

By Max Maier | Nov 17, 2013

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes in mainstream media. Even people who don't like comics at least know of Batman's existence. What is not to like? He is human, he has expensive gadgets and costumes, and can take down anybody it seems. Well, he had to rise from some sort of media form to get to this status, and obviously Batman's was comic books. Over the decades that Batman has existed, there have been a plethora of stories about The Dark Knight, ranging in quality. Well, in 2002, Jeph Loeb crafted a tale so epic and so deep, it would become one of the most worshipped Bat stories on the market. That story is called, Hush.


The story starts off like a same old, same old tale. Batman is off to rescue a rich little boy who has been kidnapped. During the rescue, he is ambushed by Killer Croc, who seems to be working a different game than normal, but the boy is saved. On his way out, Batman's grappling line is cut and he is injured. Bruce's childhood friend, Thomas Elliot, is called in to help Bruce because he is a doctor accomplished enough to fix Bruce. After the surgery, Bruce catches up with Thomas, and Batman decides to move things forward with Catwoman, into a romance of sorts. But, the Gotham villains continue to cause havoc in the city, in ways that are abnormal compared to their original crimes, which is making Batman question what is truly going on. A mysterious new villain emerges from the veil and reveals himself to be Hush. Now, Batman and Catwoman must find out who is trying to take down Batman, and who is pulling the strings of so many villains. And, will Batman and Catwoman survive Hush's grand scheme?

So many things happen through the rest of this story, but I dare not spoil it. That's one of the many things that make Hush so great. There are a ton of twists and turns that keep you guessing, and you would probably have to read it twice to grasp everything. These twists and turns come at you at just the right times and the story knows when to be dark, humorous, action-packed and light-hearted. Hush captures every element of a good story down to a T. It has action, it has romance, it has mystery, it has everything.

Batman, I feel, is written perfectly. Some writers, (here is looking at you Frank Miller), cannot write Batman well. He can come off as a jerk in some stories, but in Hush, he is perfect. He is intimidating when he needs to be, his intelligence is featured in the detective work and we see a vulnerable Bruce Wayne, especially with his admiration for Selina Kyle. This is the Batman that I picture when I think of Batman.

The supporting cast is also impressive. Thomas Elliot is a great new character, a good pal for Bruce to have. The Rogues gallery in Hush is impressive. Not only is Hush a great new villain, but you also have well written versions of The Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and plenty of others. There's even some cameos from another particularly super character's cast of characters. The standout supporting character in this story is Catwoman. I've never seen a writer master this character so well, to have her so awesome and witty. It is a real treat. The romance between her and Bruce is one of the book's highlights, and I wish it would continue into current continuity, because it would be a great thing to read. The dynamic is popular enough to exist in the Earth 2 continuity, so I think Earth 1 should adopt it.

Another big highlight is the art by Jim Lee. Jim Lee is a legend in the comic book world for drawing some of the greatest images in the medium. He can make any character looked detailed and prominent, even background characters, heck even the background. The attention he gives to detail is awe-inspiring. His art can make any scene look great, whether it be big action or a simple conversation. I could never get enough of Jim lee's artwork, and it absolutely shines in Hush.

Overall, Hush is not only my favorite Batman story, it is my favorite comic book ever. The writing from Loeb is perfect and Jim Lee's art is perfect. I liked everything about this book, to me, it is a complete package. If you haven't read Hush yet, find it and read it. If you've read it before, read it again and marvel at what a masterpiece it is. (darn it I said marvel.)


I give Batman: Hush a 5 bats out of 5 and my highest reccommendation