Batman Superman #1 comic review

By Max Maier | Jun 26, 2013

This is my first comic review on this blog, but they are popular right now, and I've been reading comics for years now, so I figured it would be a good idea to mention some big ones on here. I'll start with a book starring DC comics' 2 biggest icons.

In September 2011, DC cancelled all of their titles, and launched 52 new books in an event called The New 52. This was done to bring in more readers to comics, with a big new starting point. It also gave writers at DC a new opportunity to retell origin stories about classic and beloved characters and create a new universe that keeps things faithful, yet crafting new experiences. For example, right now Superman and Wonder Woman are in a relationship. Yea, that was a big shocker.

One of the consistent problems with The New 52 though, that has lasted for it's whole running time is continuity. Characters that died in the previous DC storyline are dead, some characters have completely new stories and origins, and some characters retained alot of their history from the previous universe; like every big event in the Green Lantern Universe written by Geoff Johns and alot of Batman's villain history, mostly The Joker. Now this problem can be overlooked, but it does bug sometimes when things don't line up. Unfortunately, the book I'm about to talk about does not help this problem.

Batman Superman is about, you guessed it, The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. Yet, they don't team up in this issue. The story is a little confusing, it took 2 read throughs to grasp what was going on. We get the first meeting of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in an interesting manner. That was great to see. The confusing part is meeting of Batman and Superman. It seemed like we saw this first meeting wayyyyy back in Justice League #1 in September 2011. It looks like we get a younger Batman and Superman meet here, hopefully this is cleared up in the next.....wait. Suddenly Superman is flashed into another universe with a completely different Batman that knows Clark Kent and Superman and knows they are one in the same. This Batman has a costume we have never seen before, and it looks like it is all the work of a mysterious soul snatching demon.

What. The. Heck.

This story is very interesting with a great history, but wow is it confusing. Give it a couple of reads to fully grasp what's going on, because the writer, Greg Pak, has big things in store.

The characters are certainly written well, Pak has a great handle on these characters. Young Bruce Wayne is a jerk, in character, and Batman is dark and calculating. Clark is a goody two-shoes and a hero at the core and does not tolerate any bad behavior, even if he does not grasp every angle of every situation. Pak shows the naievity of Superman in his early days and it's great to see. There is a small cameo by Catwoman, which actually gets a laugh at her leave.

Jae Lee handles the art for most of the book, before the flash I mentioned earlier. Lee recently did the art for the book Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, and I was not a fan of it. The scenery was ok, but his humans were always off to me, it always seemed like they all had baby faces. in Batman Superman, it is much better, almost. Lee's depiction of Gotham is real art. It is dark, almost gothic in style, and it is beautiful to admire. I hope we see more of this Gotham, even though Superman went to another world... His Metropolis looks great too, but it doesn't stand out like his Gotham does. His faces that don't have masks on, still look like baby faces for the most part, but there is a bit of an improvement here. He draws Batman and Catwoman's faces beautifully in some panels. My favorites being Batman on the cover and Catwoman in a panel where her face is blacked out and you see her orange-ish goggles glow. Lee is a great artist, but the faces just make me stop for a second. It is a shame. But people love his art, so it may be just me.

Ben Oliver draws the art for the last several pages of the book, and its just ok. It's pretty at parts, but his face close ups look bad to me, even worse than Lee. I know they changed artists because it is a different universe, but it looks very different, and not for the best.


I wish we got more interaction between our heroes in our generation, but Greg Pak has big plans for these heroes, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Yea, some faces may look off, but most of the book is great to see, and the characters are very well-written. Overall, it is a good book that I reccommend to fans of Batman or Superman. We are getting some developments here that could be mind blowing. Hopefully the next issue answers some of my many questions.


I give Batman Superman #1 a score of 3 out of 5.

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