Be part of planning Haywood's future

Mar 14, 2014

A community-wide meeting planned late Tuesday afternoon is one that could set the future course for addressing human needs in Haywood County for the next decade.

The meeting, called by the nonprofit and faith-based community, is patterned after one held five years ago where the Haywood Christian Emergency Shelter was formed.

The March 18 meeting will include presentations from key leaders describing the needs that exist and tentative plans emerging to address them.

The most important part of the meeting, however, will be the brainstorming session at the end where those in attendance can weigh in on issues and help devise a way to tackle them.

Organizers say they especially want to address two key areas:

1. What new challenges might we face, and therefore, what new solutions need to emerge?

2. How will we fund these new endeavors?

Social enterprise solutions, a business model that uses proceeds to help a specific need as opposed to making a profit for stockholders or owners, will be explored.

The meeting will begin at 4 p.m. and will be held at the Haywood County Senior Resource Center, 81 Elmwood Way in Waynesville.

The meeting won’t be the end-all solution to the issue of ever-increasing needs in the face of dwindling resources, but it is definitely a good start. Armed with facts describing unmet needs, a vision of what to do to meet them, and a group of caring people, there’s no limit to what can be done.

Hats off to those who are organizing the effort dubbed “Rebuilding Lives” in Haywood. Their efforts will be successful only through public support.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 18, and become part of something special in Haywood County.

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