Benefits of Using a Knee Walker

By Mountaineer Complete Care | Jun 03, 2014
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Benefits of Using a Knee Walker



Understanding how a knee walker can allow a person to maintain their freedom while injured, is key to staying mobile. The knee walker is a unique alternative to crutches for patients that have experienced injuries to the knee, ankle, foot, or even suffered sever lower extremity leg injuries.


With that being said, the knee walker's main purpose is to function as an alternative mobility aid, enhancing one's independence, while at the same time allowing the body to properly heal. The patients knee is elevated on a flat cushioned platform, granting the other leg to push and maneuver the patient from place to place. Maintaining an upright position throughout the use of the knee walker also reduces back strain and fatigue that is associated with crutch use.


There are several options available when it comes to getting your hands on a knee walker. One important factor to consider is what your Doctor has prescribed, relating to the injury. The Doctor may have recommended that you have 4 weeks non weight bearing. With this prescription, a viable option would be to rent the knee walker for that specific amount of time. Thus, saving you money in the long run from having to purchase the knee walker.


However, if the injury is more serious and the Doctor has prescribed 8 weeks or more of non weight bearing, you might consider purchasing the knee walker. Purchasing the knee walker is an economical choice and would give you the freedom of having it with you at all times.


In the long run, whether purchasing or renting your knee walker, make sure to fully understand how the piece of durable medical equipment operates. Also,understand the rental contract and when the knee walker is to be returned, and all other parameters. Finally,make good use of the knee walker and enjoy your independence while in the recovery process.


For more information on the purchase or rental options of a knee walker,

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Jodie Wood/General Manager




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