Benefits of Using a Walker

By Mountaineer Complete Care | Jun 16, 2014
Mobility Aids: Walkers/ Rollators

Benefits of Using a Walker


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As we age, we become more susceptible to accidental falls related to balance issues. These falls can lead to serious injuries and lengthy hospital visits. With that being said,the primary caregiver needs to initiate the importance of using an ambulatory aid, such as a walker.


Therefore, helping someone understand the importance of a walker is the first step in making the transition to a mobility aid. The person needs to know that the walker can help prevent hazardous falls that may lead to cuts, broken bones, bruises, internal injuries, and surgeries related to a fall.


As a caregiver, your main goal should be to encourage the individual to transition slowly to a walker, focusing on education and training to make the individual feel comfortable. You can't just go and purchase a walker and expect the individual to understand what it is, and how it will benefit their life.


Accordingly, another important factor to pay attention to when considering a walker for any senior citizen, would be to focus on how the mobility aid will fit into their daily routine while at home. The home is where an enormous amount of falls occurs for the senior population, making the caregiver focus on a hazard free environment. These hazards could include, poorly lit areas, large area rugs, protruding furniture, cords, pets, boxes, books on the floor, and floor length curtains.


According to LifeStation (2014), a CDC study showed that 47,000 senior citizens were treated in Emergency Rooms between 2001- 2006 for accidents resulting from improper use of a walker. The goal of Mountaineer Complete Care is to help you avoid becoming a statistic through providing quality information on how to properly use a walker.


Major Walker Benefits:

-Helps maintain balance and prevent falls.

-Creates a sense of security.

-Some walkers have a seat to sit down on in case you get tired.

-Allows independence throughout the daily routine of life.

-Some walkers can also serve as a transport chair.



Thus, our professional staff will ensure that the mobility aid is correctly fitted to suit the needs of each individual, based on weight, height, grip, and wheels. These fittings will enable the person to function throughout their daily routine and live independently.


In the long run, understanding the benefits of a walker will only help you live a full self- sustained life with the ability to stay active.


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