Bethel Baptist to present 'He Is' Easter drama April 18-20

Apr 14, 2014
Photo by: Donated 'HE IS' — Jesus, played by Jason Ledford, is led away by Roman soldiers. Bethel Baptist Church will present 'He Is' April 18-20.

Bethel Baptist Church will present the Easter drama “He Is” at 7 p.m. Friday-Sunday of the Easter weekend. This drama depicts the impact of the life Jesus lived through the eyes of those whose lives would never be the same. This portrayal of the life of Christ is told from the viewpoint of those who walked with him. It was organized and written by members of the church whose goal is to bring honor to God and to make the story of the passion of the Christ come to life for the cast and audience

For the cast of the drama, it has been a time of remembering and reflecting on the great price and sacrifice that was given over 2000 years ago when Christ was crucified. But it has also been a time of great rejoicing over the risen Savior.

“I like the creativity of getting to put sound and music with the drama to enhance the crucifixion and the true meaning of the risen Savior,” said Tim Stiles, minister of music.

“We want to portray as close as possible the life of Christ to get the Gospel to our community,” said Jason Ledford, who is playing Jesus in the drama.

The drama was written with the intent of portraying who Jesus really is. Throughout the performance, the characters live through moments of fear, reflection, agony and great rejoicing. They learn that through Christ it is possible to have forgiveness, healing, hope, and restoration.

The performance will depict the crucifixion scene, resurrection morning and the time of rejoicing of his followers. From the first scene, taken from the book of Genesis, to the last scene of the moment before Christ’s ascension, the plan of God for redeeming mankind is seen.

There are over 70 members of the cast.

“For people to celebrate Easter, they must decide, ‘Who is Jesus to me?’” said Nancy Shelton, director. “Most of us hear the Easter story and move on with life as usual. But for those who experienced the resurrection, their lives were forever changed. It is our prayer as we perform this drama that you will understand who Christ is, and your life will forever be changed by knowing him.”

Bethel Baptist Church invites everyone in the community and county to come and worship with the congregation one night during Easter weekend and reflect on the truth of who Jesus is. Come remember, reflect upon and praise the risen Savior.

For group reservations, call the church at 648-4106.