Bethel Elementary third graders travel to the Francis Grist Mill

By Richard Ploch | Oct 07, 2013
Photo by: Richard Ploch Third grade students from Bethel Elementary visit the Francis Mill during a Heritage Day field trip.

All of the third grade students from Bethel Elementary School went on a recent Heritage Day adventure to the Francis Grist Mill on Pigeon Road. The children heard the story of the Francis Mill from Tanna Timbes and then followed the trail to the mountain pond which supplies the water to turn the giant wheel. Tim Timbes took the children inside the restored mill and explained how grains were ground in the past. The students and their teachers then cheered as the water was released from the pond and began to turn the wheel.

After a picnic lunch on the lawn, local crafters set up working centers to demonstrate blacksmithing, beekeeping, trapping, pottery making, clogging and butter churning to the children before they all returned to school.

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Posted by: Tanna Timbes | Oct 10, 2013 20:24

Many thanks for Mr. Plock's story and pictures.

 Tanna Timbes

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