Bethel Elementary's Winter Book Swap

Dec 18, 2012
Photo by: Donated photo Bethel Elementary students are pictured deciding which books to choose.

Bethel Elementary's Exceptional Children's Department hosted a Winter Book Swap on Dec. 6 and 7.

Students were asked to bring in gently used books that they were finished reading.  Students were entered into a drawing for  a Kindle Fire for each book they donated.  Students brought in 4,000 books, which enabled each student to choose five new books to read.

Hunter Csledy was excited about the event.

"I've been waiting several months to find this Swindle book,"  he said.

Emily Smith said, the books were interesting.

"You just don't want to stop reading them," she said.

Other students were excited because many of the titles to choose from are not available in the school library.

Bethel Elementary's Principal, Jill Barker told the staff, "If a child does not love to read, we have failed."

She has provided money for teachers to purchase soft cozy places to read in each classroom.  Students are excited about snuggling up with a good book.

She has also instituted a new program called the "Principal's Book of the Month."  She chooses a special book for each month and provides each classroom teacher with a copy that the students can take home and enjoy.

The whole school can discuss the book and participate in enrichment activities based on the book's theme.  Students and teachers are alike in the excitement of opening the wrapped book each month.

Richard Allington, a reading researcher, states that the key to becoming a good reader is volume.  There is support for that statement at Bethel.  Students are becoming better readers due to the amount of great titles they are being exposed to and allowed to choose from.  We celebrate with them as they experience success.