Bethel fifth graders welcome home SPC Pinkston

Sep 03, 2014
Photo by: Donated Fifth graders at Bethel Elementary made a special banner to welcome home SPC Kane Pinkston, the older brother of Luke and Morgan Pinkston.

Luke and Morgan Pinkston and the entire fifth grade at Bethel Elementary School made a special banner to welcome home Luke and Morgan’s older brother, Kane Pinkston.

Pinkston joined the Army in August 2012.  He completed basic training and graduated from Infantry training in December 2012 at Fort Benning, Georgia.  He was then stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Specialist Pinkston was deployed to Afghanistan in February 2014 and returned to Fort Carson Aug. 28. During his stay he operated out of three different locations.

While in the Army, Pinkston has been designated  “Expert” in mortor and rifle.  He has also received the Army Award of Merit.

Every fifth grader at Bethel Elementary wrote a message to Pinkston on the banner, and they have all sent letters to him also over the past two years.

Amanda Watson, Pinkston’s former fifth grade teacher, has had her classes bring items to send to Kane overseas.

Pinkston is a 2012 graduate of Pisgah High School and the son of Mark and Patti Pinkston. He is the brother of Brett, Joe, Morgan and Luke Pinkston.