Bethlehem MarketplaceSponsored by First Baptist Church - Waynesville

By First Baptist Church | Nov 30, 2012
Courtesy of: FBC - Waynesville Terance Painter of Different Drummer Pottery works with clay at last year's event.

Come visit Bethlehem Marketplace on Saturday, December 8, 6:00pm until 8:30pm in the auxilliary parking lot for First Baptist Church in Waynesville.  Bethlehem Marketplace is a walk-through drama re-enacting how the village of Bethlehem might have appeared around the time of the birth of Jesus.  Its atmosphere and surroundings are of 2,000 years ago.  It features characters in historically-accurate costumes such as Roman soldiers, prisoners, tentmakers, potters, carpenters, merchants in shops, census-takers, and more.  Talk among the Marketplace characters is from that time long ago.  A live donkey and other animals lend authenticity to this wonderful re-enactment.