Biltmore Beacon- Jill Reece
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Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 919-605-5730

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The Biltmore Beacon is a WEEKLY community newspaper and has a circulation of 4,200 with a readership of 2.5 readers per copy, so equating to over 12,250 readers per weekly issue.   Weekly distribution includes: Biltmore Forest, Biltmore Park, Biltmore Lake, and The Ramble.  These four are covered at 99% vs. Asheville Citizen Times at 40-50% (at the most).  What makes us special is the local TARGET MARKET we reach, which is 90% of readers in The Biltmore areas with mean household incomes exceeding $200,000.

  • Value of home:  15.3% have home values of $400,000 to over one million.
  • 32.6% have housing units without a mortgage.
  • 54.8% have housing units over $400,000 without a mortgage.
  • Average number of cars-3 per household

We also have racks for free distribution throughout the shops, restaurants, hotels in Biltmore Village and Biltmore Park areas.