Birds and Plants Working Together

By Sally Jones | Apr 06, 2013
Placing a bluebird house in your yard will provide you with great entertainment. Bluebirds often raise two broods in a season.

The Tuscola Garden Club will meet on Tuesday, April 16th at 9:30 a.m. at the Lake Junaluska Welcome Center.  Master Gardener Jean White will give a presentation entitled "Birds and Plants – How Nature Works Together".

Its finally spring!  Migrating birds are arriving in our mountains, some stopping in our area only briefly to gather strength for the next leg of their journey and others staying.  They are here to find mates, choose nesting sites, lay their eggs and rear the next generation of chicks.  What a privilege to have some of them choose our own back yards!  Jean White will share with us how we can improve our landscaping and garden spaces to welcome these birds and provide them with necessary nesting materials, food, water and protective cover.  In return, they will help improve our lives by eating garden pests and mosquitoes, and by pollinating blooms to produce seeds for next year's flowers.  Gardeners, birds and plants can work together to illustrate the beautiful reciprocal principle of sowing and reaping!

Visitors are welcome to come.  Call 926-6387 for information.