Black pets special adoptions

Sarge’s Adoption Center
256 Industrial Park Dr., Waynesville
Nov 07, 2013
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Photo by: Donated photos Pictured is Frank, a possible lab/hound mix. The Sarge’s staff reports he is sweet and friendly and enjoys the company of other dogs. See him and other black or mostly black dogs and cats available for adoption at Sarge's.

Back in Black — the national campaign dedicated to finding homes for black cats and dogs — is back for a third lifesaving year. The Best Friends Animal Society and its Haywood County partner, Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, are holding a Back in Black special to help find permanent, loving homes for black cats and dogs. A variety of beautiful black and mostly black pets will be showcased throughout the month of November.

“Sarge’s and Best Friends believe that black dogs and cats are special, and we will be giving away gifts with each black or almost black cat that's adopted throughout November,” said Sarge’s board president Gary Smith.

The gifts include a goodie bags for cats with a hand-made self-heated thermal cat bed, cat treats, a cat scratcher or cat tunnel, and cat toy. The dog goodie bags include coupons, a leash, shampoo and choice of dog coat.

Black cats and dogs often wait longer than their lighter-colored friends to get adopted.

“All of us in animal rescue know this is true, that black cats and black dogs routinely get overlooked by potential adopters,” said Smith, who recently adopted two black cats, Jedi and Misty.

“As a matter of fact, famous leaders favored black pets,” Smith said. “During World War II, U.S. Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a black dog and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a black cat. Both pets actually sat in on strategic meetings. We hope the community will help save all these great pets.”

To participate in the November Back in Black special, visit Sarge’s Adoption Center, 256 Industrial Park Dr., in Waynesville, or the Sarge’s cat condos at the Waynesville PetSmart.

To see cats and dogs available for adoption, visit For more information on the Black in Back adoption special, visit To volunteer or to donate, call Sarge’s at 246-9050.