Blue Dragon Taekwondo to offer Mother's Day special

Apr 24, 2014
Photo by: Donated TAEKWONDO — Master Marshall Hale, of Safekids USA/Blue Dragon Taekwondo School, teaches, from left, Sonia, Kathleen and Kristina. Hale is offering a Mother's Day special during the month of May.

Master Marshall Hale, of Safekids USA/Blue Dragon Taekwondo School, is offering over half off the regular enrollment fee for the month of May to women who are interested in taking the adult Taekwondo classes, available five evenings and Saturdays.

Participants can their days in May, and for $35 you can start kicking and punching their way to better self-esteem, more confidence and more physical stamina and flexibility.

People with physical impairments and/or disabilities are welcome. Hale modifies workouts to support students with disabilities.

Kristina, a mother of two and second-dan black belt, has 20 years of martial arts experience and enjoys the higher-level classes available at Blue Dragon.

“I have learned more about kicking effectively and with more power,” said Kristina. “Master Hale has given me a lot more confidence in my skills and has helped me grow as a martial artist. In the process, I have taken off about 40 pounds. Most of all, it has given me a chance to enjoy an activity with two of my kids. We are like one big family at Blue Dragon, and I have a real sense of belonging here.  I have received great support from my fellow martial artists.”

Sonia, a mother of two girls and a first-dan black belt, began training at Blue Dragon after an incident during a vacation.

“When we got home from vacation I told my husband I wanted  to learn how to defend myself. That is when my journey began with Master Hale and TKD. I have become a new person, a much more confident and empowered woman.  I know now I can defend myself and I don't have all the fear I used to have.”

The school will be hosting a women’s self-defense seminar from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 10. The cost is $25.

Contact Hale at 627-3949 or visit for information.