Bob Plott to Discuss New Book

By Blue Ridge Books | Jan 09, 2012

Blue Ridge Books will host Bob Plott on Saturday, January 14 at 3:00 pm.  Plott will discuss his newest book, Colorful Characters of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Colorful Characters of the Great Smoky Mountains—Amid the rocky crags and misty hollows of North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains grew a generation of hardy and fascinating characters whose lives became the stuff of legend. Discover the tale of the bold Captain Kennedy and his ragtag band of Mohican and British comrades, who became French and Indian War heroes; how Henry Von Plott became a renowned bear hunter and breeder of the world’s premier hunting dog; and the story of Yonaguska, considered to be the last truly great chief of the Cherokee Nation. Join Von Plott’s relative and prolific local author Bob Plott as he weaves the lively stories of these vibrant characters and their lasting legacy on the people who will always call the area home.

Bob Plott is a North Carolina native who can trace his family roots in the Old North State back to 1750, when his great-great-great-grandfather Johannes Plott arrived here with five of the family hunting dogs. These dogs would later become renowned as the premier big game hunting dog breed in America – the Plott bear hound.

Bob wrote a history of the breed – Strike and StayThe Story of the Plott Hound – that was published by the History Press of Charleston, South Carolina in late 2007. Strike and Stay was awarded the 2008 Willie Parker Peace N.C. Historical Literary award and it has received outstanding reviews. His second book, A History of Hunting in the Great Smoky Mountains was published in late 2008.  Bob's third book, Legendary Hunters of the Southern Highlands, was published in October 2009.  Bob's fourth book, Colorful Characters of the Great Smoky Mountains, has just been published.  He is also writing articles for several magazines such as Carolina Country, Wildlife in NC and Smoky Mountain Living and the AKC Gazette.

He is an accomplished wood-carver, sketch artist, martial artist, and historical re-enactor. Bob conducts programs on the history of the Plott hound, legends of the Plott breed, hunting legends of the Smokies, as well as primitive survival skills for various groups and organizations.

Bob is a member of the American Plott Association, the National Plott Hound Association and the North Carolina Bear Hunters Association.

Bob and his family also raise Plott dogs and they occasionally have puppies for sale at their Plott Ridge Kennels

Plott’s previous books described below.

Lengendary Hunters of the Southern Highlands: A Century of Sport and Survival in the Great Smoky Mountains—From the heyday of the Cherokee Nation and on through the twentieth century, the Great Smoky Mountains have nurtured some of the most celebrated hunters in American history. Predicting changes in weather and almost telepathically sensing animal behavior, these outdoorsmen were linked inextricably with the land that sustained them. Local author Bob Plott lovingly recalls the tales—rife with characters like Honest John, the bear whose habit of killing only enough livestock to eat at one sitting granted him a reputation at once chivalrous and menacing, and Cody Plott, a legendary marksman who also used his rifle to frighten suitors of his teenage daughter—that linger among the region’s hardwood forests and misty foothills. Rediscover an era of self-sufficient mountain living, when folks labored in logging camps, brewed moonshine, hunted for survival and fought for what they believed in.

A History of Hunting in the Great Smoky Mountains—From the primitive weaponry and prevailing tactics of the Cherokee to the audacious rifle-toting ridge runners, and even a gruesome gang of cannibalistic rogues, these stories constitute a truly gripping tribute to mountain life and the adventure of the game. With a foreword by George Ellison.

Strike and Stay: The Story of the Plott Hound—Recognized now as one of the premier hunting dogs in America, the Plott bear hound is unique among hunting dog breeds because it descends from Germanic stock rather than the rather than the traditional English foxhound.  The breed’s story began when its original breeder, Johannes Plott, and his brother Enock left Germany in 1750 with their prized hunting dogs.  This trip across the Atlantic began the two-hundred-year journey that would culminate in the North Carolina mountains with the development of what is now arguable the world’s finest breed of hunting dog.  This fascinating story of the Plott family and the Plott hound is a classic American tale of adventurers and underdogs—a story that Bob Plott, the great-great-great-grandson of Johannes Plott, is uniquely qualified to tell.

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