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Boojum Brewing is King of the Mountain with new can designs

By Paul Viau | Apr 06, 2016
Photo by: Big Bridge Design CAN YOU FIND THE MONSTER IN THIS CAN? — An Asheville tattoo artist inked the award-winning package design for Boojum's King of the Mountain Double IPA.

Waynesville’s newest craft brewery, Boojum Brewing Company, is enjoying one success after another these days, and not just among the craft beer drinking crowd. The recent Asheville Addy Awards recognized Boojum’s new 16-oz. can design (and the Asheville design studio it consulted) for best package design.

As a former advertising creative director, I can really relate to this award. I used to have a bookshelf full of Addy’s, Telly’s and the like. Each of those awards had its own story, complete with blood, sweat, tears plus countless hours of lost sleep.

So it’s not really a surprise to me that Boojum’s design firm for the can project, Big Bridge Design in Asheville, used an illustration crafted by an Asheville tattoo artist — Becka Schoedel, of Forever Tattoo.

I can imagine designers in this new Millennium of advertising are no strangers to ‘ink.’ And what would relieve stress more after a hard 14 hours of work, than a late-night appointment with a popular tattoo shop — where you might just discuss your new assignment for a craft brewery whose name (Boojum) is based on a colorful, gem-stealing monster straight out of Appalachian folklore.

Your tattoo artist would no-doubt feel your pain, and impose a little of his/her own while consoling you with a cool, new ‘tat.’

He/she might just throw out a few design ideas, because — Did you know? — Tattoo artists are both talented and creative, and some tattoo art is incredibly beautiful.

I especially like the illustrated, painterly and bizarre tattoo designs — Becka Schoedel’s speciality. If you want to be dazzled, visit www.forevertattooasheville.com/becka-schoedel-tattoo-asheville.

You won’t find the Boojum can designs on Schoedel’s page on the Forever Tattoo Web site, but you will find many wonderful/whimsical dinosaurs, owls, butterflies, birds and octopuses — plus a few monsters of her own bizarre creation.

Big Bridge Design was smart to include a can design from Schoedel as one of the three concepts presented to Boojum.

“The design with Becka Schoedel’s drawing really stood out,” said Boojum co-owner and marketing head, Kelsie Baker. “She captured the mystery of the Boojum legend, without giving away too many details.”

The winning 16-oz.can design was for Boojum’s most popular brew — King of the Mountain Double IPA. Schoedel’s drawing depicts the Boojum — eyes aglow —peering out from inside his secret cave near the top of a mountain and looking out over his vast domain. The can also has a brief story, penned by Baker, about the connection with the Boojum and the beer that bears its name.

Other can designs for Boojum also utilize Becka Schoedel illustrations. For instance, Boojum’s 12-oz. cans of Reward American Pale Ale feature (Schoedel's favorite Boojum design) features a whimsical red fox which really emphasizes the massive feet of the 9-foot tall Boojum.

The can design for Graveyard Fields blueberry Coffee Porter concentrates on the blueberries, but reveals the Boojum hiding in the shadows, waiting for just the right time to pick some of his own. Similarly, the can design for Boojum’s Mur Raspberry Saison is a field of ripening raspberries, with the huge claws of the Boojum picking the perfect ripe one.

To emphasize the glowing eyes of The Boojum in the can designs, Big Bridge kept the area of the eyes transparent, allowing the natural shine of the aluminum to reflect light.

Any way you look at the new Boojum cans, you’ll find a gem. And I have to credit Big Bridge Design for using the cans to enhance the mystery cache of the Boojum.

The Boojum Brewing team was also wise to give the nod to Asheville’s Big Bridge Design for the cans. Big Bridge has a portfolio of package designs and logos for the craft beer industry, including: can designs for Frog Level Brewing, Hi-Wire, New Sarum and Burial; specialty bottle designs for Burial, Green Man, Hi-Wire and Twin Leaf; and six-pack designs for Green Man and Hi-Wire.

Big Bridge has also created logo designs for Hi-Wire, Heinzelmannchen and the Asheville Brewers Alliance. And the design team is currently working on a new Web site for the ABA.

To say that Big Bridge Design is beer-knowledgeable is an understatement.

To see the depth of the company’s advertising and design expertise, visit www.thebigbridge.com.

To see the Boojum come to life in your kitchen, dimly-lit man cave or at your next spring outing, pick up a few cans at the Boojum Tasting Room, in the grocery or bottle (and can) shop near you.