Book Review: Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks by Anna Browning

By Haywood County Library | Jul 30, 2013
Photo by: Jessi Stone Writer Anna Browning and illustrator Josh Crawford

Reviewed by Youth Services Librarian Lisa Hartzell

There is something very wonderful about children’s books.  They allow a child to travel to new places and experience new things by using just one tool: their imagination. Children’s books also help teach us about things that we want to know more about through pictures and facts. Local author Anna Browning’s first book, Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks, is the perfect combination of imagination and education.

In her debut picture book, we meet young Tanner Turbeyfill, who is fascinated by the moon. He spends a lot of time looking at the moon and even keeps a moon journal, where he writes interesting facts and observations.  He dreams of traveling to the moon and finding some moon rocks to add to his rock collection. From his tree house, Tanner observes a blue moon, which happens when there are two full moons in a month. While writing his observations, something mysterious begins to happen. The moon starts to shine with a brilliant blue light, which engulfs the tree house.  The tree house begins to shake and Tanner wonders what will happen next.  

The book is beautifully illustrated by Josh Crawford and the illustrations are a perfect compliment to the text. There is an excerpt from Tanner’s moon journal with some interesting facts. The book also includes a CD with narration and a song. 

Be prepared to take an amazing journey with Tanner. This is a wonderful book for kids of all ages and it will quickly become a favorite. Teachers and librarians will love putting this book into the hands of young readers who also dream of traveling to the stars.