Book Reviews by Kids

By Haywood County Library | Aug 14, 2013

The following book reviews were submitted by young library patrons (ages 11-12) to Haywood County Public Library.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, reviewed by Alyssa Dean

In this book, Greg Heffley starts to remember when he was first born and he tries to reenact his childhood. When Manny watches "The Snurples," he picks up their language and tries to use it. Nobody can understand him, and he gets frustrated. When Mrs. Heffley hosts a playgroup, Manny doesn't talk to anyone. Greg had an enemy when he was little named Bradley. When Bradley moved, Greg's mom wrote a book about him, and it made him sound like the devil. Greg and his family go to a restaurant called Corny's. Since they have Manny, they have to sit in Children's Alley. It is always messy when you get to your table. When they pick partners for the dance, Greg picks Baylee. She doesn't like being paired with him. Greg goes to the dance with Abigail. Abigail falls in love with Rowley, and Greg becomes the third wheel.

I like this book because it is by my favorite author, and all the illustrations are good and I like the story.


Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia by Margaret Cousins, reviewed by Austin Clark

What it's about: Ben Franklin's life story

What happens: Ben Franklin was born in January 1706. He grew up a very passionate reader. He invented a lot of things like the Franklin stove, the first real fire department etc. He got married, and he had kids. He went to France, and he made the first farmer's almanac. He died in 1790.

It is very inspiring and interesting. It's on my top five favorite book list.