Bubbles makes a long journey home

By Jessi Stone Assistant editor | Jan 10, 2014
Photo by: Jessi Stone Faith Taylor, from left, Billy Thorne and Carolyn Thorne meet at PetSmart on Saturday to get Bubbles the cat back to his rightful owner.

Janie Albright, 4, of Asheboro woke up the day after Christmas to find her kitten Bubbles was missing.

While Janie and her grandmother Deborah Albright must have looked for him all over the neighborhood, they never could have imagined he was already 200 miles away in Waynesville.

Billy Thorne of Waynesville was going through the drive-thru window at Hardee's on the same day when he saw a cat sitting just underneath the window.

"He just looked like he was standing there waiting for his food," Thorne joked. "He was hungry and no one would feed him."

Thorne picked the cat up and found he had a collar and a tag with a phone number. He took the cat home and called the number, which ended up being a veterinarian in Asheboro.

After tracking down the owner, the Albrights figured out how the mischievous Bubbles traveled so far overnight.

The Albrights' neighbor Faith Taylor said she was packing her car early in the morning and left the trunk of her car open. Unbeknownst to her, Bubbles must have tagged along on her trip to Waynesville.

"Bubbles and the other Albrights' cats would always come greet me at my car and I'd pick them up and love on them and put them back down," she said. "I was packing in the dark and I guess that's when he got in."

Bubbles rode quietly all the way to Waynesville without Taylor being aware of him and he must have jumped out when she stopped to get breakfast at Hardee's.

Lucky for Bubbles, Thorne was happy to take care of Bubbles at his home until he could make plans to get him home.

Taylor, who is in the process of moving back to her hometown of Waynesville, met Thorne at PetSmart on Saturday to return him to Asheboro. Bubbles has an appointment with the vet when he returns home to be neutered — perhaps the reason why he tried to run away.

Taylor said Janie was just heartbroken and was praying every day for Bubbles to return. She was so happy to hear that he was safe and would return soon.